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India Sales Tax and VAT Database

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for Self-Appraisal, Evaluation and Decision

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Why Rate and other Statutory information? Why Instavat and How it solves difficulties?
• 36 States and Union territories levy tax on sale or purchase of goods
• Most States levy tax on entry of goods
• The Statutory provisions are not uniform or homogeneous
• List of goods; its classification; and Rates are not uniform or homogeneous
• Changes through Notifications /Amendments from time to time
• Uptodate Statutory provisions / Effective Rate – not readily available
• Statutory Compliance is of utmost importance, to avoid commercial and legal consequences
• Surf, search and click ... appraise, evaluate and decide
• All requisite information under one roof
• Thousands of pages scattered all over on a single CD
• Uniformity aimed
• Regular and updated information at your doorstep

• Facilitates Statutory compliance and application of correct classification and rate

• Facilities and tool for information as desired

• Save time, money and efforts
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