THE KERALA GOODS AND SERVICES TAX ACT, 2017 Circular and Advance Ruling

Body Circular No: 04/2024, Dated 30th March, 2024

Sub: Issuance of Show cause Notices/Orders u/s 73 & 74- Numbering of Show Cause Notices/Orders - guidelines issued- reg:

1. Show cause notices u/s 73 & 74 of the SGST Act are being issued by the Intelligence and Enforcement, Audit and Taxpayer Services verticals of the Department. Rule 142 (1)(a) of the Kerala GST Rules mandates serving of a summary of notice electronically in Form GST DRC-01 along with the notice issued under Section 73 or Section 74 of the State GST Act. The Notice mentioned above is being prepared manually by the proper officer and uploaded in the portal.

2. Further, the adjudication of Show Cause Notices issued u/s 73 /74 of the SGST Act by various verticals are being done by the Taxpayer Services Vertical. The adjudication order is prepared manually and uploaded in the portal by the proper officer along with Form DRC-07. These notices and orders form the basis for all further litigation in that particular matter even in the tribunal and courts.

3. Under the circum stances, it is essential that Show Cause Notices and adjudication orders are duly recorded and tracked through litigation cycles that may last many years. For this purpose, it is necessary that Show Cause Notices and adjudication orders (Order in Original) are numbered in such a manner that they have a unique, easily identifiable number. At present however, there is a lack of uniformity among the State GST formations regarding numbering of Show Cause Notices and Adjudication Orders. Proper officers are currently uploading SCNs and Orders without providing any serial number for identification purposes. Since, these notices and orders are prepared manually, no online reference number will get generated on uploading the document from the GSTN backend portal.

4. As the notices and orders are the basis for subsequent legal processes, it is vital to identify the details such as the name of district, the vertical from which the notice/order was issued, designation of the issuing authority, unique serial number of the notice/order etc. from the number itself. Therefore, to bring in uniformity in creating the serial number of the Notices and Orders u/s 73 & 74 of the Act by the Intelligence and Enforcement, Audit, and Taxpayer services verticals of the Department, the following instructions are issued;-

    a. Every Show Cause Notice u/s 73 and 74 annexed with the DRC-01 issued from the backend portal shall carry distinct and unique SCN number.

    b. The Format of the Show Cause Notice Number is as follows:- SCN/Short form of Vertical/Short form of District/Short form of Office/Unique number - Short form of Issuing officer. The unique number shall begin with 01 and continue sequentially until the end of the calendar year. The Format of number with examples is shown in Annexure-1.

    c. A register for issuing Show cause Notice Number must be maintained in every office where an officer with power to issue an SCN is present.

    d. The Format of Show Cause Notice Register is shown in Annexure-II.

    e. Every Adjudication Order u/s 73 and 74 annexed with the DRC-07 issued from the backend portal shall carry distinct and unique order number.

    f. The Format of the Adjudication Order Number (Order-in-Original number) is as follows:- OIO/Short form of Vertical/Short form of District/Short form of Office/Year/Unique number - Short form of Issuing officer. The unique number shall begin with 01 and continue sequentially until the end of the calendar year. The Format of number with examples is shown in Annexure-III.

    g. A register for issuing Adjudication Order Number must be maintained in every office in Taxpayer Services vertical in the Format shown in Annexure IV

    h. The supervisory authorities shall periodically verify the SCN Register and Adjudication Order Register and ensure that the Show Cause Notices and Adjudication Orders are numbered correctly.

5. The new numbering system of Notices and Orders shall come into force from the 1st of April 2024.


Commissioner (I/c)


SCN Number Format
Taxpayer Services Vertical
SL.No TPS Office (Offices which SCN register to be maintained) Unique SCN Number starting from (Example)
1 JC TPS Thiruvananthapuram SCN/TPS/TVM/2024/01-JC
2 DC TPS Thiruvananthapuram SCN/TPS/TVM/DTVM/2024/01-DC
3 TPS Circle, Fort SCN/TPS/TVM/CFORT/2024/01-STO
4 TPS Circle, Poojappura SCN/TPS/TVM/CPJPR/2024/01-STO
5 TPS Circle, Kowdiar SCN/TPS/TVM/CKWDR/2024/01-STO
6 DC TPS Kazhakoottam SCN/TPS/TVM/DKZTM/2024/01-DC
7 TPS Circle, Pattom SCN/TPS/TVM/CPTM/2024/01-STO
8 TPS Circle, Kazhakoottam SCN/TPS/TVM/CKZTM/2024/01-STO
9 TPS Circle, Attingal SCN/TPS/TVM/CATGL/2024/01-STO
10 DC TPS Neyyattinkara SCN/TPS/TVM/DNTA/2024/01-DC
11 TPS Circle, Neyyattinkara SCN/TPS/TVM/CNTA/2024/01/-STO
12 TPS Circle, Kattakada SCN/TPS/TVM/CKTD/2024/01-STO
13 TPS Circle, Nedumangad SCN/TPS/TVM/CNDD/2024/01-STO
14 JC,TPS Kollam SCN/TPS/KLM/2024/01-JC
15 DC TPS Kollam SCN/TPS/KLM/DKLM/2024/01-DC
16 TPS Circle, Kollam West SCN/TPS/KLM/CKLMW/2024/01-STO
17 TPS Circle, Kolam East SCN/TPS/KLM/CKLME/2024/01-STO
18 TPS Circle, Chathanoor SCN/TPS/KLM/CCTNR/2024/01-STO
19 DC TPS Kottarakkara SCN/TPS/KLM/DKKR/2024/01-DC
20 TPS Circle, Karunagappally SCN/TPS/KLM/CKNPY/2024/01-STO
21 TPS Circle, Kottarakkara SCN/TPS/KLM/CKKR/2024/01-STO
22 TPS Circle, Punalur SCN/TPS/KLM/CPNLR/2024/01-STO
23 JC TPS Pathanamthitta SCN/TPS/PTA/2024/01-JC
24 DC TPS Pathanamthitta SCN/TPS/PTA/DPTA/2024/01-DC
25 TPS Circle, Pathanamthitta SCN/TPS/PTA/CPTA/2024/01-STO
26 TPS Circle, Adoor SCN/TPS/PTA/CADR/2024/01-STO
27 TPS Circle, Thiruvalla SCN/TPS/PTA/CTRVL/2024/01-STO
28 JC TPS Alappuzha SCN/TPS/ALP/2024/01-JC
29 DC TPS Alappuzha SCN/TPS/ALP/DALP/2024/01-DC
30 TPS Circle, Alappuzha South SCN/TPS/ALP/CALPS/2024/01-STO
31 TPS Circle, Alappuzha North SCN/TPS/ALP/CALPN/2024/01-STO
32 TPS Circle, Cherthala SCN/TPS/ALP/CCHTL/2024/01-STO
33 DC TPS Chengannur SCN/TPS/ALP/DCNGR/2024/01-DC
34 TPS Circle, Haripad SCN/TPS/ALP/CHRPD/2024/01-STO
35 TPS Circle, Chengannur SCN/TPS/ALP/CCNGR/2024/01-STO
36 JC TPS Kottayam SCN/TPS/KTM/2024/01-JC
37 DC TPS Kottayam SCN/TPS/KTM/DKTM/2024/01-DC
38 TPS Circle, Kottayam Town SCN/TPS/KTM/CKTMT/2024/01-STO
39 TPS Circle, Kottayam East SCN/TPS/KTM/CKTME/2024/01-STO
40 TPS Circle, Changanassery SCN/TPS/KTM/CCNSY/2024/01-STO
42 TPS Circle, Ponkunnam SCN/TPS/KTM/CPNKM/2024/01-STO
43 TPS Circle, Pala SCN/TPS/KTM/CPALA/2024/01-STO
44 TPS Circle, Vaikom SCN/TPS/KTM/CVYKM/2024/01-STO
45 JC TPS Idukki SCN/TPS/IDK/2024/01-JC
46 DC TPS Idukki SCN/TPS/IDK/DIDK/2024/01-DC
47 TPS Circle, Kattappana SCN/TPS/IDK/CKTPN/2024/01-STO
48 TPS Circle, Adimali SCN/TPS/IDK/CATML/2024/01-STO
49 TPS Circle, Thodupuzha SCN/TPS/IDK/CTDP/2024/01-STO
50 JC TPS Ernakulam SCN/TPS/EKM/2024/01-JC
51 DC TPS Ernakulam South SCN/TPS/EKM/DEKMS/2024/01-DC
52 TPS Circle, Cochin SCN/TPS/EKM/CKCY/2024/01-STO
53 TPS Circle, Panampilly Nagar SCN/TPS/EKM/CPPNR/2024/01-STO
54 TPS Circle, Ernakulam Central SCN/TPS/EKM/CEKMC/2024/01-STO
55 DC TPS Ernakulam North SCN/TPS/EKM/DEKMN/2024/01-DC
56 TPS Circle, Ernakulam North SCN/TPS/EKM/CEKMN/2024/01-STO
57 TPS Circle, Vypin SCN/TPS/EKM/CVYPN/2024/01-STO
58 TPS Circle, Kaloor SCN/TPS/EKM/CKLR/2024/01-STO
59 TPS Circle, Palarivattom SCN/TPS/EKM/CPLVT/2024/01-STO
60 DC TPS Kakkanad SCN/TPS/EKM/DKKND/2024/01-DC
61 TPS Circle, Edappally SCN/TPS/EKM/CEDPY/2024/01-STO
62 TPS Circle, Kakkanad SCN/TPS/EKM/CKKND/2024/01-STO
63 TPS Circle, Thrikkakkara SCN/TPS/EKM/CTKKR/2024/01-STO
64 DC TPS Thrippunithura SCN/TPS/EKM/DTPTR/2024/01-DC
65 TPS Circle, Kadavanthra SCN/TPS/EKM/CKDTR/2024/01-STO
66 TPS Circle, Vyttila SCN/TPS/EKM/CVYT/2024/01-STO
67 TPS Circle, Thrippunithura SCN/TPS/EKM/CTPTR/2024/01-STO
68 JC TPS Aluva SCN/TPS/ALV/2024/01-JC
69 DC TPS Aluva SCN/TPS/ALV/DALV/2024/01-DC
70 TPS Circle, Aluva SCN/TPS/ALV/CALV/2024/01-STO
71 TPS Circle, Angamaly SCN/TPS/ALV/CAGLY/2024/01-STO
72 TPS Circle, North Paravur SCN/TPS/ALV/CNPVR/2024/01-STO
73 DC TPS Muvattupuzha SCN/TPS/ALV/DMVPZ/2024/01-DC
74 TPS Circle, Perumbavoor SCN/TPS/ALV/CPBVR/2024/01-STO
75 TPS Circle, Kunnathunadu SCN/TPS/ALV/CKTND/2024/01-STO
76 TPS Circle, Muvattupuzha SCN/TPS/ALV/CMVPZ/2024/01-STO
77 TPS Circle, Kothamangalam SCN/TPS/ALV/CKTGM/2024/01-STO
78 JC TPS Thrissur SCN/TPS/TSR/2024/01-JC
79 DC TPS Thrissur SCN/TPS/TSR/DTSR/2024/01-DC
80 TPS Circle, Thrissur City SCN/TPS/TSR/CTSRC/2024/01-STO
81 TPS Circle, Ollur SCN/TPS/TSR/COLR/2024/01-STO
82 TPS Circle, Nattika SCN/TPS/TSR/CNTK/2024/01-STO
83 DC TPS Wadakkancherry SCN/TPS/TSR/DWKCY/2024/01-DC
84 TPS Circle, Mannuthy SCN/TPS/TSR/CMNT/2024/01-STO
85 TPS Circle, Chavakkad SCN/TPS/TSR/CCVKD/2024/01-STO
86 TPS Circle, Wadakkancherry SCN/TPS/TSR/CWKCY/2024/01-STO
87 DC TPS Irinjalakuda SCN/TPS/TSR/DINKD/2024/01-DC
88 TPS Circle, Chalakkudy SCN/TPS/TSR/CCKD/2024/01-STO
89 TPS Circle, Irinjalakuda SCN/TPS/TSR/CINKD/2024/01-STO
90 TPS Circle, Kodungallur SCN/TPS/TSR/CKDLR/2024/01-STO
91 JC TPS Palakkad SCN/TPS/PKD/2024/01-JC
92 DC TPS Palakkad SCN/TPS/PKD/DPKD/2024/01-DC
93 TPS Circle, Palakkad West SCN/TPS/PKD/CPKDW/2024/01-STO
94 TPS Circle, Palakkad East SCN/TPS/PKD/CPKDE/2024/01-STO
95 TPS Circle, Alathur SCN/TPS/PKD/CALTR/2024/01-STO
96 DC TPS Ottapalam SCN/TPS/PKD/DOTPL/2024/01-DC
97 TPS Circle, Mannarkkad SCN/TPS/PKD/CMRKD/2024/01-STO
98 TPS Circle, Ottapalam SCN/TPS/PKD/COTPL/2024/01-STO
99 TPS Circle, Pattambi SCN/TPS/PKD/CPTMB/2024/01-STO
100 JC TPS Malappuram SCN/TPS/MLP/2024/01-JC
101 DC TPS Manjeri SCN/TPS/MLP/DMJR/2024/01-DC
102 TPS Circle, Nilambur SCN/TPS/MLP/CNBR/2024/01-STO
103 TPS Circle, Manjeri SCN/TPS/MLP/CMJR/2024/01-STO
104 TPS Circle, Kondotty SCN/TPS/MLP/CKDT/2024/01-STO
105 TPS Circle, Perinthalmanna SCN/TPS/MLP/CPLM/2024/01-STO
106 DC TPS Tirur SCN/TPS/MLP/DTRR/2024/01-DC
107 TPS Circle, Kottakkal SCN/TPS/MLP/CKTKL/2024/01-STO
108 TPS Circle, Tirur SCN/TPS/MLP/CTRR/2024/01-STO
109 TPS Circle, Thirurangadi SCN/TPS/MLP/CTGD/2024/01-STO
110 JC TPS Kozhikode SCN/TPS/KKD/2024/01-JC
111 DC TPS Kozhikode South SCN/TPS/KKD/DKKDS/2024/01-DC
112 TPS Circle, Kozhikode City SCN/TPS/KKD/CKKDC/2024/01-STO
113 TPS Circle, Chalappuram SCN/TPS/KKD/CCLPM/2024/01-STO
114 TPS Circle, Feroke SCN/TPS/KKD/CFRK/2024/01-STO
115 DC TPS Kozhikode North SCN/TPS/KKD/SKKDN/2024/01-DC
116 TPS Circle, Nadakkavu SCN/TPS/KKD/CNDK/2024/01-STO
117 TPS Circle, Kunnamangalam SCN/TPS/KKD/CKNGM/2024/01-STO
118 TPS Circle, Thamarassery SCN/TPS/KKD/CTMSY/2024/01-STO
119 DC TPS Vatakara SCN/TPS/KKD/DVDK/2024/01-DC
120 TPS Circle, Koyilandy SCN/TPS/KKD/CKLDY/2024/01-STO
121 TPS Circle, Vatakara SCN/TPS/KKD/CVDK/2024/01-STO
122 JC TPS Wayanad SCN/TPS/WYD/2024/01-JC
123 DC TPS Wayanad SCN/TPS/WYD/DWYD/2024/01-DC
124 TPS Circle, Kalpetta SCN/TPS/WYD/CKLP/2024/01-STO
125 TPS Circle, Mananthavady SCN/TPS/WYD/CMTVD/2024/01-STO
126 TPS Circle, Sulthan Bathery SCN/TPS/WYD/CSBY/2024/01-STO
127 JC TPS Kannur SCN/TPS/KNR/2024/01-JC
128 DC TPS Kannur South SCN/TPS/KNR/DKNRS/2024/01-DC
129 TPS Circle, Kannur South SCN/TPS/KNR/CKNRS/2024/01-STO
130 TPS Circle, Thalassery SCN/TPS/KNR/CTLY/2024/01-STO
131 TPS Circle, Kuthuparamba SCN/TPS/KNR/CKTPB/2024/01-STO
132 DC TPS Kannur North SCN/TPS/KNR/DKNRN/2024/01-DC
133 TPS Circle, Kannur North SCN/TPS/KNR/CKNRN/2024/01-STO
134 TPS Circle, Taliparamba SCN/TPS/KNR/CTLPB/2024/01-STO
135 TPS Circle, Payyannur SCN/TPS/KNR/CPYNR/2024/01-STO
136 JC TPS Kasaragod SCN/TPS/KSD/2024/01-JC
137 DC TPS Kasaragod SCN/TPS/KSD/DKSD/2024/01-DC
138 TPS Circle, Kasaragod SCN/TPS/KSD/CKSD/2024/01-STO
139 TPS Circle, Manjeshwar SCN/TPS/KSD/CMJWR/2024/01-STO
140 TPS Circle, Hosdurg SCN/TPS/KSD/CHSD/2024/01-STO

Audit Vertical
SL.No Audit Offices (Offices which SCN register to be maintained) Unique SCN Number starting from (Example)
1 JC Audit Thiruvananthapuram SCN/AUD/TVM/2024/01-JC
2 DC Audit Division-1, TVM SCN/AUD/TVM/D1/2024/01-DC
3 Audit Team1, Tvm SCN/AUD/TVM/T1/2024/01-AO
4 Audit Team2, Tvm SCN/AUD/TVM/T2/2024/01-AO
5 Audit Team3, Tvm SCN/AUD/TVM/T3/2024/01-AO
6 DC Audit Division-2, TVM SCN/AUD/TVM/D2/2024/01-DC
7 Audit Team 4, Tvm SCN/AUD/TVM/T4/2024/01-AO
8 Audit Team 5, Tvm SCN/AUD/TVM/T5/2024/01-AO
9 DC Audit Division-3, TVM SCN/AUD/TVM/D3/2024/01-DC
10 Audit Team 6, Tvm SCN/AUD/TVM/T6/2024/01-AO
11 Audit Team 7, Tvm SCN/AUD/TVM/T7/2024/01-AO
12 DC Audit Division, Kattakkada SCN/AUD/TVM/DKTD/2024/01-DC
13 Audit Team 1, Kattakkada SCN/AUD/TVM/T1KTD/2024/01-AO
14 Audit Team 2, Kattakkada SCN/AUD/TVM/T2KTD/2024/01-AO
15 DC Audit Division, Attingal SCN/AUD/TVM/DATGL/2024/01-DC
16 Audit Team, Attingal SCN/AUD/TVM/TATGL/2024/01-AO
17 Audit Team, Varkala SCN/AUD/TVM/TVRKL/2024/01-AO
18 DC Audit Division, Neyyattinkara SCN/AUD/TVM/DNTA/2024/01-DC
19 Audit Team 1, Neyyattinkara SCN/AUD/TVM/T1NTA/2024/01-AO
20 Audit Team 2, Neyyattinkara SCN/AUD/TVM/T2NTA/2024/01-AO
21 DC Audit Division, Nedumangad SCN/AUD/TVM/DNDD/2024/01-DC
22 Audit Team 1, Nedumangad SCN/AUD/TVM/T1NDD/2024/01-AO
23 Audit Team 2, Nedumangad SCN/AUD/TVM/T2NDD/2024/01-AO
24 JC Audit Kollam SCN/AUD/KLM/2024/01-JC
25 DC Audit Division-1, Kollam SCN/AUD/KLM/D1/2024/01-DC
26 Audit Team 1, Kollam SCN/AUD/KLM/T1KLM/2024/01-AO
27 Audit Team 2, Kollam SCN/AUD/KLM/T2KLM/2024/01-AO
28 DC Audit Division-2, Kollam SCN/AUD/KLM/D2/2024/01-DC
29 Audit Team 3, Kollam SCN/AUD/KLM/T3KLM/2024/01-AO
30 Audit Team 4, Kollam SCN/AUD/KLM/T4KLM/2024/01-AO
31 DC Audit Division, Kottarakkara SCN/AUD/KLM/DKKR/2024/01-DC
32 Audit Team 1, Kottarakkara SCN/AUD/KLM/T1KKR/2024/01-AO
33 Audit Team 2, Kottarakkara SCN/AUD/KLM/T2KKR/2024/01-AO
34 DC Audit Division, Kundara SCN/AUD/KLM/DKND/2024/01-DC
35 Audit Team 1, Kundara SCN/AUD/KLM/T1KND/2024/01-DC
36 Audit Team 2, Kundara SCN/AUD/KLM/T2KND/2024/01-DC
37 DC Audit Division, Anchal SCN/AUD/KLM/DACL/2024/01-DC
38 Audit Team 1, Anchal SCN/AUD/KLM/T1ACL/2024/01-AO
39 Audit Team 2, Anchal SCN/AUD/KLM/T2ACL/2024/01-AO
40 DC Audit Division, Pathanamthitta-1 SCN/AUD/PTA/D1/2024/01-DC
41 Audit Team, Pathanamthitta SCN/AUD/PTA/TPTA/2024/01-AO
42 Audit Team, Ranni SCN/AUD/PTA/RAN/2024/01-AO
43 DC Audit Division, Pathanamthitta-2 SCN/AUD/PTA/D2/2024/01-DC
44 Audit Team, Adoor SCN/AUD/PTA/TADR/2024/01-AO
45 Audit Team, Thiruvalla SCN/AUD/PTA/TRVL/2024/01-AO
46 JC Audit Kottayam SCN/AUD/KTM/2024/01-JC
47 DC Audit Division, Alappuzha SCN/AUD/ALP/DALP/2024/01-DC
48 Audit Team 1, Alappuzha SCN/AUD/ALP/T1/2024/01-AO
49 Audit Team 2, Alappuzha SCN/AUD/ALP/T2/2024/01-AO
50 DC Audit Division, Kuthiyathode SCN/AUD/ALP/DKTYD/2024/01-DC
51 Audit Team 3, Alappuzha SCN/AUD/ALP/T3/2024/01-AO
52 Audit Team, Kuthiyathode SCN/AUD/ALP/TKTYD/2024/01-AO
53 DC Audit Division, Kayamkulam SCN/AUD/ALP/DKYKM/2024/01-DC
54 Audit Team, Kayamkulam SCN/AUD/ALP/TKYKM/2024/01-AO
55 Audit Team, Haripad SCN/AUD/ALP/THRPD/2024/01-AO
56 Audit Team, Mavelikkara SCN/AUD/ALP/TMVKR/2024/01-AO
57 DC Audit Division, Kottayam SCN/AUD/KTM/DKTM/2024/01-DC
58 Audit Team 1, Kottayam SCN/AUD/KTM/T1/2024/01-AO
59 Audit Team 2, Kottayam SCN/AUD/KTM/T2/2024/01-AO
60 Audit Team, Changanacherry SCN/AUD/KTM/TCNSY/2024/01-AO
61 DC Audit Division, Ettumanoor SCN/AUD/KTM/DETM/2024/01-DC
62 Audit Team 1, Ettumanoor SCN/AUD/KTM/T1ETM/2024/01-AO
63 Audit Team 2, Ettumanoor SCN/AUD/KTM/T2ETM/2024/01-AO
64 DC Audit Division, Pala SCN/AUD/KTM/DPALA/2024/01-DC
65 Audit Team, Pala SCN/AUD/KTM/TPALA/2024/01-AO
66 Audit Team, Vaikom SCN/AUD/KTM/TVYKM/2024/01-AO
67 DC Audit Division, Ponkunnam SCN/AUD/KTM/DPNKM/2024/01-DC
68 Audit Team, Ponkunnam SCN/AUD/KTM/TPNKM/2024/01-AO
69 Audit Team, Kanjirappally SCN/AUD/KTM/TKJPL/2024/01-AO
70 DC Audit Division, Nedumkandam SCN/AUD/IDK/DNDKM/2024/01-DC
71 Audit Team, Nedumkandam SCN/AUD/IDK/TNDKM/2024/01-AO
72 Audit Team, Kattappana SCN/AUD/KTM/TKTPN/2024/01-AO
73 DC Audit Division, Thodupuzha SCN/AUD/IDK/DTDP/2024/01-DC
74 Audit Team 1,Thodupuzha SCN/AUD/IDK/T1TDP/2024/01-AO
75 Audit Team 2,Thodupuzha SCN/AUD/KTM/2TTDP/2024/01-AO
76 JC Audit Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/2024/01-JC
77 DC Audit Division, Ernakulam-1 SCN/AUD/EKM/D1/2024/01-DC
78 Audit Team 1, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T1/2024/01-AO
79 Audit Team 2, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T2/2024/01-AO
80 Audit Team 3, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T3/2024/01-AO
81 DC Audit Division, Ernakulam-2 SCN/AUD/EKM/D2/2024/01-DC
82 Audit Team 4, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T4/2024/01-AO
83 Audit Team 5, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T5/2024/01-AO
84 DC Audit Division, Ernakulam-3 SCN/AUD/EKM/D3/2024/01-DC
85 Audit Team 6, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T6/2024/01-AO
86 Audit Team 7, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T7/2024/01-AO
87 DC Audit Division, Ernakulam-4 SCN/AUD/EKM/D4/2024/01-DC
88 Audit Team 8, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T8/2024/01-AO
89 Audit Team 9, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T9/2024/01-AO
90 DC Audit Division, Ernakulam-5 SCN/AUD/EKM/D5/2024/01-DC
91 Audit Team 10, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T10/2024/01-AO
92 Audit Team 11, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T11/2024/01-AO
93 DC Audit Division, Ernakulam-6 SCN/AUD/EKM/D6/2024/01-DC
94 Audit Team 12, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T12/2024/01-AO
95 Audit Team 13, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T13/2024/01-AO
96 DC Audit Division, Ernakulam-7 SCN/AUD/EKM/D7/2024/01-DC
97 Audit Team 14, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T14/2024/01-AO
98 Audit Team 15, Ernakulam SCN/AUD/EKM/T15/2024/01-AO
99 DC Audit Division, Aluva-1 SCN/AUD/ALV/D1/2024/01-DC
100 Audit Team 1, Aluva SCN/AUD/ALV/T1/2024/01-AO
101 Audit Team 2, Aluva SCN/AUD/ALV/T2/2024/01-AO
102 DC Audit Division, Aluva-2 SCN/AUD/ALV/D2/2024/01-DC
103 Audit Team 3, Aluva SCN/AUD/ALV/T3/2024/01-AO
104 Audit Team 4, Aluva SCN/AUD/ALV/T4/2024/01-AO
105 DC Audit Division, Angamali SCN/AUD/ALV/DAGM/2024/01-DC
106 Audit Team 1, Angamali SCN/AUD/ALV/TAGM1/2024/01-AO
107 Audit Team 2, Angamali SCN/AUD/ALV/TAGM2/2024/01-AO
108 DC Audit Division, Perumbavoor-1 SCN/AUD/ALV/D1PBV/2024/01-DC
109 Audit Team 1, Perumbavoor SCN/AUD/ALV/T1PBV/2024/01-AO
110 Audit Team 2, Perumbavoor SCN/AUD/ALV/T2PBV/2024/01-AO
111 DC Audit Division, Perumbavoor-2 SCN/AUD/ALV/D2PBV/2024/01-DC
112 Audit Team 3, Perumbavoor SCN/AUD/ALV/T3PBV/2024/01-AO
113 Audit Team 4, Perumbavoor SCN/AUD/ALV/T4PBV/2024/01-AO
114 DC Audit Division, Perumbavoor-3 SCN/AUD/ALV/D3PBV/2024/01-DC
115 Audit Team 5, Perumbavoor SCN/AUD/ALV/T5PBV/2024/01-AO
116 Audit Team 6, Perumbavoor SCN/AUD/ALV/T6PBV/2024/01-AO
117 DC Audit Division, Muvattupuzha SCN/AUD/ALV/DMVP/2024/01-DC
118 Audit Team 1, Muvattupuzha SCN/AUD/ALV/T1MVP/2024/01-AO
119 Audit Team 2, Muvattupuzha SCN/AUD/ALV/T2MVP/2024/01-AO
120 JC Audit Thrissur SCN/AUD/TSR/2024/01-JC
121 DC Audit Division, Thrissur-1 SCN/AUD/TSR/D1/2024/01-DC
122 Audit Team, Thrissur 1 SCN/AUD/TSR/T1/2024/01-AO
123 Audit Team, Thrissur 1 SCN/AUD/TSR/T2/2024/01-AO
124 DC Audit Division, Thrissur-2 SCN/AUD/TSR/D2/2024/01-DC
125 Audit Team, Thrissur 3 SCN/AUD/TSR/T3/2024/01-AO
126 Audit Team, Thrissur 4 SCN/AUD/TSR/T4/2024/01-AO
127 DC Audit Division, Thrissur-3 SCN/AUD/TSR/D3/2024/01-DC
128 Audit Team, Thrissur 5 SCN/AUD/TSR/T5/2024/01-AO
129 Audit Team, Thrissur 6 SCN/AUD/TSR/T6/2024/01-AO
130 DC Audit Division, Thrissur-4 SCN/AUD/TSR/D4/2024/01-DC
131 Audit Team, Thrissur 7 SCN/AUD/TSR/T7/2024/01-AO
132 Audit Team, Thrissur 8 SCN/AUD/TSR/T8/2024/01-AO
133 DC Audit Division, Chalakkudy SCN/AUD/TSR/DCKD/2024/01-DC
134 Audit Team, Chalakkudy 1 SCN/AUD/TSR/T1CKD/2024/01-AO
135 Audit Team, Chalakkudy 2 SCN/AUD/TSR/T2CKD/2024/01-AO
136 DC Audit Division, Kunnamkulam SCN/AUD/TSR/DKNKM/2024/01-DC
137 Audit Team, Kunnamkulam SCN/AUD/TSR/TKNKM/2024/01-AO
138 Audit Team, Chavakkad SCN/AUD/TSR/TCKD/2024/01-AO
139 DC Audit Division, Irinjalakkuda SCN/AUD/TSR/DINJ/2024/01-DC
140 Audit Team, Irinjalakkuda 1 SCN/AUD/TSR/T1INJ/2024/01-AO
141 Audit Team, Irinjalakkuda 2 SCN/AUD/TSR/T2INJ/2024/01-AO
142 DC Audit Division, Palakkad-1 SCN/AUD/PKD/D1/2024/01-DC
143 Audit Team, Palakkad 1 SCN/AUD/PKD/T1/2024/01-AO
144 Audit Team, Palakkad 2 SCN/AUD/PKD/T2/2024/01-AO
145 DC Audit Division, Palakkad-2 SCN/AUD/PKD/D2/2024/01-DC
146 Audit Team, Palakkad 3 SCN/AUD/PKD/T3/2024/01-AO
147 Audit Team, Mannarkkad SCN/AUD/PKD/TMNKD/2024/01-AO
148 DC Audit Division, Palakkad-3 SCN/AUD/PKD/D3/2024/01-DC
149 Audit Team, Palakkad 4 SCN/AUD/PKD/T4/2024/01-AO
150 Audit Team, Pattambi SCN/AUD/PKD/TPTMB/2024/01-AO
151 DC Audit Division, Chittur SCN/AUD/PKD/DCTR/2024/01-DC
152 Audit Team, Chittur 1 SCN/AUD/PKD/T1CTR/2024/01-AO
153 Audit Team, Chittur 2 SCN/AUD/PKD/T2CTR/2024/01-AO
154 JC Audit Kozhikode SCN/AUD/KKD/2024/01-JC
155 DC Audit Division, Manjeri-1 SCN/AUD/MLP/D1MJR/2024/01-DC
156 Audit Team, Manjeri 1 SCN/AUD/MLP/T1MJR/2024/01-AO
157 Audit Team, Manjeri 2 SCN/AUD/MLP/T2MJR/2024/01-AO
158 Audit Team, Manjeri 3 SCN/AUD/MLP/T3MJR/2024/01-AO
159 DC Audit Division, Manjeri-2 SCN/AUD/MLP/D2MJR/2024/01-DC
160 Audit Team, Manjeri 4 SCN/AUD/MLP/T4MJR/2024/01-AO
161 Audit Team, Manjeri 5 SCN/AUD/MLP/T5MJR/2024/01-AO
162 DC Audit Division, Malappuram SCN/AUD/MLP/DMLP/2024/01-DC
163 Audit Team, Malappuram 1 SCN/AUD/MLP/T1MLP/2024/01-AO
164 Audit Team, Malappuram 2 SCN/AUD/MLP/T2MLP/2024/01-AO
165 DC Audit Division, Perinthalmanna SCN/AUD/MLP/DPLM/2024/01-DC
166 Audit Team, Perinthalmanna 1 SCN/AUD/MLP/T1PLM/2024/01-AO
167 Audit Team, Perinthalmanna 2 SCN/AUD/MLP/T2PLM/2024/01-AO
168 DC Audit Division, Tirur SCN/AUD/MLP/DTRR/2024/01-DC
169 Audit Team, Tirur SCN/AUD/MLP/TTRR/2024/01-AO
170 Audit Team, Ponnani SCN/AUD/MLP/TPNN/2024/01-AO
171 DC Audit Division, Tirurangadi SCN/AUD/MLP/DTGD/2024/01-DC
172 Audit Team, Tirurangadi 1 SCN/AUD/MLP/T1TGD/2024/01-AO
173 Audit Team, Tirurangadi 2 SCN/AUD/MLP/T2TGD/2024/01-AO
174 DC Audit Division, Kozhikode-1 SCN/AUD/KKD/D1KKD/2024/01-DC
175 Audit Team, Kozhikode 1 SCN/AUD/KKD/T1KKD/2024/01-AO
176 Audit Team, Kozhikode 2 SCN/AUD/KKD/T2KKD/2024/01-AO
177 DC Audit Division, Kozhikode-2 SCN/AUD/KKD/D2KKD/2024/01-DC
178 Audit Team, Kozhikode 3 SCN/AUD/KKD/T3KKD/2024/01-AO
179 Audit Team, Kozhikode 4 SCN/AUD/KKD/T4KKD/2024/01-AO
180 DC Audit Division, Kozhikode-3 SCN/AUD/KKD/D3KKD/2024/01-DC
181 Audit Team, Kozhikode 5 SCN/AUD/KKD/T5KKD/2024/01-AO
182 Audit Team, Kozhikode 6 SCN/AUD/KKD/T6KKD/2024/01-AO
183 Audit Team, Kozhikode 7 SCN/AUD/KKD/T7KKD/2024/01-AO
184 DC Audit Division, Kozhikode-4 SCN/AUD/KKD/D4KKD/2024/01-DC
185 Audit Team, Kozhikode 8 SCN/AUD/KKD/T8KKD/2024/01-AO
186 Audit Team, Kozhikode 9 SCN/AUD/KKD/T9KKD/2024/01-AO
187 DC Audit Division, Vatakara SCN/AUD/KKD/DVDK/2024/01-DC
188 Audit Team, Vatakara 1 SCN/AUD/KKD/T1VDK/2024/01-AO
189 Audit Team, Vatakara 2 SCN/AUD/KKD/T2VDK/2024/01-AO
190 DC Audit Division, Perambra SCN/AUD/KKD/DPRB/2024/01-DC
191 Audit Team, Perambra 1 SCN/AUD/KKD/T1PRB/2024/01-AO
192 Audit Team, Perambra 2 SCN/AUD/KKD/T2PRB/2024/01-AO
193 DC Audit Division, Wayanad SCN/AUD/WYD/DWYD/2024/01-DC
194 Audit Team, Kalpetta 1 SCN/AUD/WYD/T1KLP/2024/01-AO
195 Audit Team, Kalpetta 2 SCN/AUD/WYD/T2KLP/2024/01-AO
196 JC Audit Kannur SCN/AUD/KNR/2024/01-JC
197 DC Audit Division, Kannur-1 SCN/AUD/KNR/D1KNR/2024/01-DC
198 Audit Team, Kannur 1 SCN/AUD/KNR/T1KNR/2024/01-AO
199 Audit Team, Kannur 2 SCN/AUD/KNR/T2KNR/2024/01-AO
200 Audit Team, Kannur 3 SCN/AUD/KNR/T3KNR/2024/01-AO
201 DC Audit Division, Kannur-2 SCN/AUD/KNR/D2KNR/2024/01-DC
202 Audit Team, Kannur 4 SCN/AUD/KNR/T4KNR/2024/01-AO
203 Audit Team, Kannur 5 SCN/AUD/KNR/T5KNR/2024/01-AO
204 DC Audit Division, Thalassery SCN/AUD/KNR/DTLY/2024/01-DC
205 Audit Team, Thalassery 1 SCN/AUD/KNR/T1TLY/2024/01-AO
206 Audit Team, Thalassery 2 SCN/AUD/KNR/T2TLY/2024/01-AO
207 DC Audit Division, Taliparamba SCN/AUD/KNR/DTLPB/2024/01-DC
208 Audit Team, Taliparamba SCN/AUD/KNR/TTLPB/2024/01-AO
209 Audit Team, Payyannur SCN/AUD/KNR/TPYNR/2024/01-AO
210 DC Audit Division, Kasaragod SCN/AUD/KSD/DKSD/2024/01-DC
211 Audit Team, Kasaragod 1 SCN/AUD/KSD/T1KSD/2024/01-AO
212 Audit Team, Kasaragod 2 SCN/AUD/KSD/T2KSD/2024/01-AO
213 Audit Team, Kasaragod 3 SCN/AUD/KSD/T3KSD/2024/01-AO

Intelligence Vertical
SL.No Intelligence Office (Offices which SCN register to be maintained) Unique SCN Number starting from
1 JC Int. Thiruvananthapuram SCN/INT/TVM/2024/01-JC
2 DC Int Thiruvananthapuram SCN/INT/TVM/2024/01-DC
3 Intelligence Unit 1 SCN/INT/TVM/U1/2024/01-IO
4 Intelligence Unit 2 SCN/INT/TVM/U2/2024/01-IO
5 Intelligence Unit 3 SCN/INT/TVM/U3/2024/01-IO
6 Intelligence Unit, Attingal SCN/INT/TVM/UATL/2024/01-IO
7 DC Int Kollam SCN/INT/KLM/2024/01-DC
8 Intelligence Unit, Kollam SCN/INT/KLM/UKLM/2024000-IO
9 Intelligence Unit, Kottarakkara SCN/INT/KLM/UKTRA/20240003-IO
10 DC Int Pathanamthitta SCN/INT/PTA/2024/01-DC
11 Intelligence Unit, Pathanathitta SCN/INT/PTA/UPTA/2024/01-IO
12 Intelligence Unit, Thiruvalla SCN/INT/PTA/UTVLA/2024/01-IO
13 DC Int Alappuzha SCN/INT/ALP/2024/01-DC
14 Intelligence Unit, Alappuzha SCN/INT/ALP/UALP/2024/01-IO
15 Intelligence Unit, Mavelikkara SCN/INT/ALP/UMVLK/2024/01-IO
16 DC Int Kottayam SCN/INT/KTM/2024/01-DC
17 Intelligence Unit, Kottayam SCN/INT/KTM/UKTM/2024/01-IO
18 Intelligence Unit, Ponkunnam SCN/INT/KTM/UPNKM/2024/01-IO
19 JC Int. Ernakulam SCN/INT/EKM/2024/01-JC
20 DC Int Ernakulam SCN/INT/EKM/2024/01-DC
21 Intelligence Unit 1 SCN/INT/EKM/U1/2024/01-IO
22 Intelligence Unit 2 SCN/INT/EKM/U2/2024/01-IO
23 Intelligence Unit 3 SCN/INT/EKM/U3/2024/01-IO
24 Intelligence Unit 4 SCN/INT/EKM/U4/2024/01-IO
25 Intelligence Unit 5 SCN/INT/EKM/U5/2024/01-IO
26 Intelligence Unit 6 SCN/INT/EKM/U6/2024/01-IO
27 DC Int Aluva SCN/INT/ALV/2024/01-DC
28 Intelligence Unit, Aluva SCN/INT/ALV/UALV/20240002-IO
29 Intelligence Unit, Perumbavoor SCN/INT/ALV/UPBR/20240003-IO
30 Intelligence Unit, Muvattupuzha SCN/INT/ALV/UMVPA/20240004-IO
31 DC Int Idukki SCN/INT/IDK/2024/01-DC
32 Intelligence Unit, Thodupuzha SCN/INT/IDK/UTDP/2024/01-IO
33 Intelligence Unit, Devikulam SCN/INT/IDK/UDKM/2024/01-IO
34 DC Int Thrissur SCN/INT/TSR/2024/01-DC
35 Intelligence Unit 1 SCN/INT/TSR/U1/2024/01-IO
36 Intelligence Unit 2 SCN/INT/TSR/U2/2024/01-IO
37 Intelligence Unit, Wadakkancherry SCN/INT/TSR/UWDK/2024/01-IO
38 DC Int Palakkad SCN/INT/PKD/2024/01-DC
39 Intelligence Unit 1 SCN/INT/PKD/U1/2024/01-IO
40 Intelligence Unit 2 SCN/INT/PKD/U2/2024/01-IO
41 Intelligence Unit, Ottappalam SCN/INT/PKD/UOTP/2024/01-IO
42 JC Int. Kozhikode SCN/INT/KKD/2024/01-JC
43 DC Int Malappuram SCN/INT/MLP/2024/01-DC
44 Intelligence Unit, Malappuram SCN/INT/MLP/UMLP/2024/01-IO
45 Intelligence Unit, Kottakkal SCN/INT/MLP/UKTKL/2024/01-IO
46 Intelligence Unit, Tirur SCN/INT/MLP/UTRR/2024/01-IO
47 DC Int Kozhikode SCN/INT/KKD/2024/01-DC
48 Intelligence Unit 1 SCN/INT/KKD/U1/2024/01-IO
49 Intelligence Unit 2 SCN/INT/KKD/U2/2024/01-IO
50 Intelligence Unit, Vatakara SCN/INT/KKD/UVKA/2024/01-IO
51 DC Int Wayanad SCN/INT/WYD/2024/01-DC
52 Intelligence Unit 1, Kalpetta SCN/INT/WYD/UKPT1/2024/01-IO
53 Intelligence Unit 2, Kalpetta SCN/INT/WYD/UKPT2/2024/01-IO
54 DC Int Kannur SCN/INT/KNR/2024/01-DC
55 Intelligence Unit, Thalassery SCN/INT/KNR/UTLY/2024/01-IO
56 Intelligence Unit, Kannur SCN/INT/KNR/UKNR/2024/01-IO
57 DC Int Kasaragod SCN/INT/KSD/2024/01-DC
58 Intelligence Unit , Kasaragod SCN/INT/KSD/UKSD/2024/01-IO
59 Intelligence Unit Kanhangad SCN/INT/KSD/UKND/2024/01-IO

Enforcement Vertical
SL.No Enforcement Office (Offices which SCN register to be maintained) Unique SCN Number Starting from (example)
1 JC Enf. Thiruvananthapuram SCN/ENF/TVM/2024/01-JC
2 DC Enf Thiruvananthapuram SCN/ENF/TVM/2024/01-DC
3 Enforcement Unit 1, Neyyattinkara SCN/ENF/TVM/SNATA1/2024/01-EO
  Enforcement Unit 2, Neyyattinkara SCN/ENF/TVM/SNTA2/2024/01-EO
5 Enforcement Unit, Attingal SCN/ENF/TVM/SATL/2024/01-EO
6 Enforcement Unit, Nedumangad SCN/ENF/TVM/SNDD/2024/01-EO
7 Enforcement Unit, Kollam SCN/ENF/TVM/SKLM/2024/01-EO
8 Enforcement Unit, Karunagappally SCN/ENF/KLM/SKPY/2024/01-EO
9 Enforcement Unit, Punalur SCN/ENF/KLM/SPLR/2024/01-EO
10 Enforcement Unit, Pathanamthitta SCN/ENF/PTA/SPTA/2024/01-EO
11 Enforcement Unit, Thiruvalla SCN/ENF/PTA/STVLA/2024/01-EO
12 Enforcement Unit, Alappuzha SCN/ENF/ALP/SALP/2024/01-EO
13 Enforcement Unit, Kayamkulam SCN/ENF/ALP/SKYM/2024/01-EO
14 Enforcement Unit, Changanacherry SCN/ENF/KTM/SCHRY/2024/01-EO
15 Enforcement Unit, Pala SCN/ENF/KTM/SPALA/2024/01-EO
16 JC Enf.Ernakulam SCN/ENF/EKM/2024/01-JC
17 DC Enf Ernakulam SCN/ENF/EKM/2024/01-DC
18 Enforcement Unit 1, Ernakulam SCN/ENF/EKM/SEKM1/2024/01-EO
19 Enforcement Unit 2, Ernakulam SCN/ENF/EKM/SEKM2/2024/01-EO
20 Enforcement Unit 3, Ernakulam SCN/ENF/EKM/SEKM3/2024/01-EO
21 Enforcement Unit 4, Ernakulam SCN/ENF/EKM/SEKM4/2024/01-EO
22 Enforcement Unit, Karukutty SCN/ENF/ALV/SKRTY/2024/01-EO
23 Enforcement Unit, Perumbavoor SCN/ENF/ALV/SPBR/2024/01-EO
24 Enforcement Unit, Kothamangalam SCN/ENF/ALV/SKMG/2024/01-EO
25 Enforcement Unit, Kumily SCN/ENF/IDK/SKMY/2024/01-EO
26 Enforcement Unit, Nedumkandam SCN/ENF/IDK/SNKDM/2024/01-EO
27 Enforcement Unit, Devikulam SCN/ENF/IDK/SDKM/2024/01-EO
28 Enforcement Unit, Thrissur SCN/ENF/TSR/STSR/2024/01-EO
29 Enforcement Unit, Kunnamkulam SCN/ENF/TSR/SKNLM/2024/01-EO
30 Enforcement Unit, Chalakkudy SCN/ENF/TSR/SCLD/2024/01-EO
31 Enforcement Unit 1, Palakkad SCN/ENF/PKD/SPKD1/2024/01-EO
32 Enforcement Unit 2, Palakkad SCN/ENF/PKD/SPKD2/2024/01-EO
33 Enforcement Unit, Walayar SCN/ENF/PKD/SWLR/2024/01-EO
34 Enforcement Unit, Gopalapuram SCN/ENF/PKD/SGPM/2024/01-EO
35 Enforcement Unit, Pattambi SCN/ENF/PKD/SPTB/2024/01-EO
36 JC Enf. Kozhikode SCN/ENF/KKD/2024/01-JC
37 DC Enf Kozhikode SCN/ENF/KKD/2024/01-DC
38 Enforcement Unit, Nilambur SCN/ENF/MLP/SNLBR/2024/01-EO
39 Enforcement Unit, Perinthalmanna SCN/ENF/MLP/SPMN/2024/01-EO
40 Enforcement Unit, Tirur SCN/ENF/MLP/STRR/2024/01-EO
41 Enforcement Unit 1, Kozhikode SCN/ENF/KKD/SKKD1/2024/01-EO
42 Enforcement Unit 2, Kozhikode SCN/ENF/KKD/SKKD2/2024/01-EO
43 Enforcement Unit, Koyilandy SCN/ENF/KKD/SKLD/2024/01-EO
44 Enforcement Unit, Kalpetta SCN/ENF/WYD/SKPT/2024/01-EO
45 Enforcement Unit, Sulthan Bathery SCN/ENF/WYD/SSBY/2024/01-EO
46 Enforcement Unit, Mananthavady SCN/ENF/WYD/SMND/2024/01-EO
47 Enforcement Unit, Thalassery SCN/ENF/KNR/STLY/2024/01-EO
48 Enforcement Unit, kannur SCN/ENF/KNR/SKNR/2024/01-EO
49 Enforcement Unit, Taliparamba SCN/ENF/KNR/STBA/2024/01-EO
50 Enforcement Unit 1, Kasaragod SCN/ENF/KSD/SKSD1/2024/01-EO
51 Enforcement Unit 2, Kasaragod SCN/ENF/KSD/SKSD2/2024/01-EO
52 Enforcement Unit 3, Kasaragod SCN/ENF/KSD/SKSD3/2024/01-EO
53 Enforcement Unit, Kanhangad SCN/ENF/KSC/SKND/2024/01-EO


Show Cause Notice Register
Sl.N o. SCN Number Name & GSTIN of taxpayer Designation of Notice Issuing Authority Date of issuance of SCN Section under which tax demanded Amount demanded

Annexure III

Adjudication Order Number Format with example
SL.No TPS Office (Offices in which Adjudication Order register to be maintained) Unique Adjudication Order Number (Orderin-Original number) starting from (Example)
1 JC TPS Thiruvananthapuram OIO/TPS/TVM/2024/01-JC
2 DC TPS Thiruvananthapuram OIO/TPS/TVM/DTVM/2024/01-DC
3 TPS Circle, Fort OIO/TPS/TVM/CFORT/2024/01-STO
4 TPS Circle, Poojappura OIO/TPS/TVM/CPJPR/2024/01-STO
5 TPS Circle, Kowdiar OIO/TPS/TVM/CKWDR/2024/01-STO
6 DC TPS Kazhakoottam OIO/TPS/TVM/DKZTM/2024/01-DC
7 TPS Circle, Pattom OIO/TPS/TVM/CPTM/2024/01-STO
8 TPS Circle, Kazhakoottam OIO/TPS/TVM/CKZTM/2024/01-STO
9 TPS Circle, Attingal OIO/TPS/TVM/CATGL/2024/01-STO
10 DC TPS Neyyattinkara OIO/TPS/TVM/DNTA/2024/01-DC
11 TPS Circle, Neyyattinkara OIO/TPS/TVM/CNTA/2024/01/-STO
12 TPS Circle, Kattakada OIO/TPS/TVM/CKTD/2024/01-STO
13 TPS Circle, Nedumangad OIO/TPS/TVM/CNDD/2024/01-STO
14 JC,TPS Kollam OIO/TPS/KLM/2024/01-JC
15 DC TPS Kollam OIO/TPS/KLM/DKLM/2024/01-DC
16 TPS Circle, Kollam West OIO/TPS/KLM/CKLMW/2024/01-STO
17 TPS Circle, Kolam East OIO/TPS/KLM/CKLME/2024/01-STO
18 TPS Circle, Chathanoor OIO/TPS/KLM/CCTNR/2024/01-STO
19 DC TPS Kottarakkara OIO/TPS/KLM/DKKR/2024/01-DC
20 TPS Circle, Karunagappally OIO/TPS/KLM/CKNPY/2024/01-STO
21 TPS Circle, Kottarakkara OIO/TPS/KLM/CKKR/2024/01-STO
22 TPS Circle, Punalur OIO/TPS/KLM/CPNLR/2024/01-STO
23 JC TPS Pathanamthitta OIO/TPS/PTA/2024/01-JC
24 DC TPS Pathanamthitta OIO/TPS/PTA/DPTA/2024/01-DC
25 TPS Circle, Pathanamthitta OIO/TPS/PTA/CPTA/2024/01-STO
26 TPS Circle, Adoor OIO/TPS/PTA/CADR/2024/01-STO
27 TPS Circle, Thiruvalla OIO/TPS/PTA/CTRVL/2024/01-STO
28 JC TPS Alappuzha OIO/TPS/ALP/2024/01-JC
29 DC TPS Alappuzha OIO/TPS/ALP/DALP/2024/01-DC
30 TPS Circle, Alappuzha South OIO/TPS/ALP/CALPS/2024/01-STO
31 TPS Circle, Alappuzha North OIO/TPS/ALP/CALPN/2024/01-STO
32 TPS Circle, Cherthala OIO/TPS/ALP/CCHTL/2024/01-STO
33 DC TPS Chengannur OIO/TPS/ALP/DCNGR/2024/01-DC
34 TPS Circle, Haripad OIO/TPS/ALP/CHRPD/2024/01-STO
35 TPS Circle, Chengannur OIO/TPS/ALP/CCNGR/2024/01-STO
36 JC TPS Kottayam OIO/TPS/KTM/2024/01-JC
37 DC TPS Kottayam OIO/TPS/KTM/DKTM/2024/01-DC
38 TPS Circle, Kottayam Town OIO/TPS/KTM/CKTMT/2024/01-STO
39 TPS Circle, Kottayam East OIO/TPS/KTM/CKTME/2024/01-STO
40 TPS Circle, Changanassery OIO/TPS/KTM/CCNSY/2024/01-STO
42 TPS Circle, Ponkunnam OIO/TPS/KTM/CPNKM/2024/01-STO
43 TPS Circle, Pala OIO/TPS/KTM/CPALA/2024/01-STO
44 TPS Circle, Vaikom OIO/TPS/KTM/CVYKM/2024/01-STO
45 JC TPS Idukki OIO/TPS/IDK/2024/01-JC
46 DC TPS Idukki OIO/TPS/IDK/DIDK/2024/01-DC
47 TPS Circle, Kattappana OIO/TPS/IDK/CKTPN/2024/01-STO
48 TPS Circle, Adimali OIO/TPS/IDK/CATML/2024/01-STO
49 TPS Circle, Thodupuzha OIO/TPS/IDK/CTDP/2024/01-STO
50 JC TPS Ernakulam OIO/TPS/EKM/2024/01-JC
51 DC TPS Ernakulam South OIO/TPS/EKM/DEKMS/2024/01-DC
52 TPS Circle, Cochin OIO/TPS/EKM/CKCY/2024/01-STO
53 TPS Circle, Panampilly Nagar OIO/TPS/EKM/CPPNR/2024/01-STO
54 TPS Circle, Ernakulam Central OIO/TPS/EKM/CEKMC/2024/01-STO
55 DC TPS Ernakulam North OIO/TPS/EKM/DEKMN/2024/01-DC
56 TPS Circle, Ernakulam North OIO/TPS/EKM/CEKMN/2024/01-STO
57 TPS Circle, Vypin OIO/TPS/EKM/CVYPN/2024/01-STO
58 TPS Circle, Kaloor OIO/TPS/EKM/CKLR/2024/01-STO
59 TPS Circle, Palarivattom OIO/TPS/EKM/CPLVT/2024/01-STO
60 DC TPS Kakkanad OIO/TPS/EKM/DKKND/2024/01-DC
61 TPS Circle, Edappally OIO/TPS/EKM/CEDPY/2024/01-STO
62 TPS Circle, Kakkanad OIO/TPS/EKM/CKKND/2024/01-STO
63 TPS Circle, Thrikkakkara OIO/TPS/EKM/CTKKR/2024/01-STO
64 DC TPS Thrippunithura OIO/TPS/EKM/DTPTR/2024/01-DC
65 TPS Circle, Kadavanthra OIO/TPS/EKM/CKDTR/2024/01-STO
66 TPS Circle, Vyttila OIO/TPS/EKM/CVYT/2024/01-STO
67 TPS Circle, Thrippunithura OIO/TPS/EKM/CTPTR/2024/01-STO
68 JC TPS Aluva OIO/TPS/ALV/2024/01-JC
69 DC TPS Aluva OIO/TPS/ALV/DALV/2024/01-DC
70 TPS Circle, Aluva OIO/TPS/ALV/CALV/2024/01-STO
71 TPS Circle, Angamaly OIO/TPS/ALV/CAGLY/2024/01-STO
72 TPS Circle, North Paravur OIO/TPS/ALV/CNPVR/2024/01-STO
73 DC TPS Muvattupuzha OIO/TPS/ALV/DMVPZ/2024/01-DC
74 TPS Circle, Perumbavoor OIO/TPS/ALV/CPBVR/2024/01-STO
75 TPS Circle, Kunnathunadu OIO/TPS/ALV/CKTND/2024/01-STO
76 TPS Circle, Muvattupuzha OIO/TPS/ALV/CMVPZ/2024/01-STO
77 TPS Circle, Kothamangalam OIO/TPS/ALV/CKTGM/2024/01-STO
78 JC TPS Thrissur OIO/TPS/TSR/2024/01-JC
79 DC TPS Thrissur OIO/TPS/TSR/DTSR/2024/01-DC
80 TPS Circle, Thrissur City OIO/TPS/TSR/CTSRC/2024/01-STO
81 TPS Circle, Ollur OIO/TPS/TSR/COLR/2024/01-STO
82 TPS Circle, Nattika OIO/TPS/TSR/CNTK/2024/01-STO
83 DC TPS Wadakkancherry OIO/TPS/TSR/DWKCY/2024/01-DC
84 TPS Circle, Mannuthy OIO/TPS/TSR/CMNT/2024/01-STO
85 TPS Circle, Chavakkad OIO/TPS/TSR/CCVKD/2024/01-STO
86 TPS Circle, Wadakkancherry OIO/TPS/TSR/CWKCY/2024/01-STO
87 DC TPS Irinjalakuda OIO/TPS/TSR/DINKD/2024/01-DC
88 TPS Circle, Chalakkudy OIO/TPS/TSR/CCKD/2024/01-STO
89 TPS Circle, Irinjalakuda OIO/TPS/TSR/CINKD/2024/01-STO
90 TPS Circle, Kodungallur OIO/TPS/TSR/CKDLR/2024/01-STO
91 JC TPS Palakkad OIO/TPS/PKD/2024/01-JC
92 DC TPS Palakkad OIO/TPS/PKD/DPKD/2024/01-DC
93 TPS Circle, Palakkad West OIO/TPS/PKD/CPKDW/2024/01-STO
94 TPS Circle, Palakkad East OIO/TPS/PKD/CPKDE/2024/01-STO
95 TPS Circle, Alathur OIO/TPS/PKD/CALTR/2024/01-STO
96 DC TPS Ottapalam OIO/TPS/PKD/DOTPL/2024/01-DC
97 TPS Circle, Mannarkkad OIO/TPS/PKD/CMRKD/2024/01-STO
98 TPS Circle, Ottapalam OIO/TPS/PKD/COTPL/2024/01-STO
99 TPS Circle, Pattambi OIO/TPS/PKD/CPTMB/2024/01-STO
100 JC TPS Malappuram OIO/TPS/MLP/2024/01-JC
101 DC TPS Manjeri OIO/TPS/MLP/DMJR/2024/01-DC
102 TPS Circle, Nilambur OIO/TPS/MLP/CNBR/2024/01-STO
103 TPS Circle, Manjeri OIO/TPS/MLP/CMJR/2024/01-STO
104 TPS Circle, Kondotty OIO/TPS/MLP/CKDT/2024/01-STO
105 TPS Circle, Perinthalmanna OIO/TPS/MLP/CPLM/2024/01-STO
106 DC TPS Tirur OIO/TPS/MLP/DTRR/2024/01-DC
107 TPS Circle, Kottakkal OIO/TPS/MLP/CKTKL/2024/01-STO
108 TPS Circle, Tirur OIO/TPS/MLP/CTRR/2024/01-STO
109 TPS Circle, Thirurangadi OIO/TPS/MLP/CTGD/2024/01-STO
110 JC TPS Kozhikode OIO/TPS/KKD/2024/01-JC
111 DC TPS Kozhikode South OIO/TPS/KKD/DKKDS/2024/01-DC
112 TPS Circle, Kozhikode City OIO/TPS/KKD/CKKDC/2024/01-STO
113 TPS Circle, Chalappuram OIO/TPS/KKD/CCLPM/2024/01-STO
114 TPS Circle, Feroke OIO/TPS/KKD/CFRK/2024/01-STO
115 DC TPS Kozhikode North OIO/TPS/KKD/SKKDN/2024/01-DC
116 TPS Circle, Nadakkavu OIO/TPS/KKD/CNDK/2024/01-STO
117 TPS Circle, Kunnamangalam OIO/TPS/KKD/CKNGM/2024/01-STO
118 TPS Circle, Thamarassery OIO/TPS/KKD/CTMSY/2024/01-STO
119 DC TPS Vatakara OIO/TPS/KKD/DVDK/2024/01-DC
120 TPS Circle, Koyilandy OIO/TPS/KKD/CKLDY/2024/01-STO
121 TPS Circle, Vatakara OIO/TPS/KKD/CVDK/2024/01-STO
122 JC TPS Wayanad OIO/TPS/WYD/2024/01-JC
123 DC TPS Wayanad OIO/TPS/WYD/DWYD/2024/01-DC
124 TPS Circle, Kalpetta OIO/TPS/WYD/CKLP/2024/01-STO
125 TPS Circle, Mananthavady OIO/TPS/WYD/CMTVD/2024/01-STO
126 TPS Circle, Sulthan Bathery OIO/TPS/WYD/CSBY/2024/01-STO
127 JC TPS Kannur OIO/TPS/KNR/2024/01-JC
128 DC TPS Kannur South OIO/TPS/KNR/DKNRS/2024/01-DC
129 TPS Circle, Kannur South OIO/TPS/KNR/CKNRS/2024/01-STO
130 TPS Circle, Thalassery OIO/TPS/KNR/CTLY/2024/01-STO
131 TPS Circle, Kuthuparamba OIO/TPS/KNR/CKTPB/2024/01-STO
132 DC TPS Kannur North OIO/TPS/KNR/DKNRN/2024/01-DC
133 TPS Circle, Kannur North OIO/TPS/KNR/CKNRN/2024/01-STO
134 TPS Circle, Taliparamba OIO/TPS/KNR/CTLPB/2024/01-STO
135 TPS Circle, Payyannur OIO/TPS/KNR/CPYNR/2024/01-STO
136 JC TPS Kasaragod OIO/TPS/KSD/2024/01-JC
137 DC TPS Kasaragod OIO/TPS/KSD/DKSD/2024/01-DC
138 TPS Circle, Kasaragod OIO/TPS/KSD/CKSD/2024/01-STO
139 TPS Circle, Manjeshwar OIO/TPS/KSD/CMJWR/2024/01-STO
140 TPS Circle, Hosdurg OIO/TPS/KSD/CHSD/2024/01-STO
141 DC Adjudication 1, Thiruvananthapuram OIO/TPS/TVM/ADJ1/2024/01-DC
142 DC Adjudication 2, Thiruvananthapuram OIO/TPS/TVM/ADJ2/2024/01-DC
143 DC Adjudication 1, Ernakulam OIO/TPS/EKM/ADJ1/2024/01-DC
144 DC Adjudication 2, Ernakulam OIO/TPS/EKM/ADJ2/2024/01-DC
145 DC Adjudication 3, Ernakulam OIO/TPS/EKM/ADJ3/2024/01-DC
146 DC Adjudication, Aluva OIO/TPS/ALV/ADJ/2024/01-DC
147 DC Adjudication, Thrissur OIO/TPS/TSR/ADJ/2024/01-DC
148 DC Adjudication, Malappuram OIO/TPS/MLP/ADJ/2024/01-DC
149 DC Adjudication, Kozhikode OIO/TPS/KKD/ADJ/2024/01-DC

Annexure IV

Order in Original Register
Sl.No. Adjudicati on Order Number SCN Number Name & GSTIN of taxpayer Date of issuing Order No. Designation of Order issuing authority Result of adjudication (Confirmed/Drop ped/Partly Confirmed Amount in SCN Amount in OIO