FOREIGN TRADE (Trade notice)

Body Trade Notice No. 38/2023-24, Dated 16th February, 2024

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade


1. All Regional Authorities of DGFT

2. All Customs Commissionerates

3. Members of Trade and Industry

Subject: Clarification regarding Notification No. 60 dated 13.02.2024.

Reference is invited to Notification No. 60 dated 13th February, 2024 where ITCHS based Export policy from Chapter 1-39 of Schedule 2 of ITCHS has been notified.

It is clarified that the policy notified, only simplifies the Schedule 2 of ITCHS Export policy, 2018 for chapters 1-39 bringing clarity into the policy applicable against each ITCHS Code and the Table A of the Schedule 2 of ITCHS Export policy 2018 and the policies of all chapters in the schedule remains unchanged.

The exercise of mapping the ITCHS Codes with the existing Export policy is a Trade Facilitation measure aimed at providing clarity to the exporters and industry on the policies applicable for export of items falling under each 8 digit ITCHS Code. This will also enable integration of data with ICEGATE to ensure seamless transfer of export licensing details with customs to move completely to an online export licensing system. This will reduce the compliance burden and promote ease of doing business. Efforts are also being made to map the policy pertaining to rest of the chapters to 8 digits HS Code.

It is thus, clarified that the Export Policy notified vide DGFT Notification 60 dated 13.02.2024 does not include any new policy changes or amendments and the policies as applicable before the issuance of this notification shall continue. The Export policy earlier was not 8 digit ITCHS based and this notification of the export policy of Chapters 1-39 has mapped the existing policy against each 8 digit ITCHS Code.

Any clarification/feedback/Input on the Notification No. 60 dated 13.02.2024 may be sent at

(S. K. Mohapatra)

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade


(Issued from F.No. 01/91/191/121/AM23/EC/E-35174)