Body ORDER NO. 1/2017/APGST/DIVCOM Dated. 24th November, 2017

Sub: Division of Taxpayer base between the Central Government and Government of Andhra Pradesh.

In accordance with the guidelines issued by the GST Council Secretariat vide Circular No. 1/2017, Issued vide F No. 166/Cross Empowerment/GSTC/2017 dated 20.09.2017, with respect to the division of taxpayer base between the Central Government and State Governments to ensure single interface under GST, the state Level Committee comprising Chief Commissions of Central Tax, Vishakhapatnam COST Zone and Chief Commissioner of State Tax, Government of Andhra Pradesh has hereby decided to assign the 2.48.-161 migrated taxpayers in the State of Andhra Pradesh, In the following manner.

A. Taxpayers falling undei the jurisdiction of the Centre- As per Annexure-A appended (Total 39479 )(be!ow 1.5 Cr- 21188, above 1.5 Cr. 18291)

B Taxpayers falling under the jurisdiction of the State-As per Anncxure-B appended. (Total 208982 ) below 1.5Cr. 190692. above 1.5 Cr. 18290)

The Taxpayers and the Trade and Industry can view and check their details including the name of the administrating authority i e Centre or State by visiting either of the If any of the migrated tax payer's name/GSTIN is not figuring in either Annexure-A or B they may send an e-mail to (Centre) and (State).

The trade and Industry Associations/Chambers of Commerce are requested to bring the contents of this order to the notice of all their members

(Y. S. Shahrawat) (J. SyamalRao)
Chief Commissioner of Central Tax Chief Commissioner of State Tax
Vishakapatnam CGST Zone Government of Andhra Pradesh.