The Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Act, 2006.- Circulars

Body Circular No.7/2017 CC4/678/2017 Dated: 13th June, 2017

Office of the Additional Chief Secretary /

Commissioner of Commercial Taxes,



Sub: CST Act, 1956 - Inter-State transactions falling under Section 8(1) of the CST Act, 1956 - Issue of 'C' and 'F' Forms -Issue of manual forms to dealers - regarding.

Ref: 1. PS/CCT Circular No. 22, dated.12/05/2014

2. PS/CCT Circular No. 8, dated.03/03/2015

3. PS/CCT Circular No. 11, dated.07/04/2015

4. PS/CCT Circular No. 24, dated.02/06/2015

5. PS/CCT Circular No. 45, dated.10/12/2015

6. PS/CCT Circular No. 6, dated.13/06/2016

7. ACS/CCT Circular No. 7, dated.07/09/2016

In the reference 7th cited, it was informed that manual 'C' and 'F' Forms could be issued to the dealers for all the missed out invoices and for any mistakes in the already generated online forms (both current and backlog period) upto 31/03/2017.

2. Considering the representations received from a number of Assessees to enable the issue of manual forms, as a final and last chance, issue of manual 'C' and 'F' forms is extended upto 30/06/2017, for the inter-State transactions upto 31/05/2016 already reported and accounted for.

3. All the Joint Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners are instructed to issue forms to dealers after verification of records and who are having genuine requirements.

4. All the dealers are informed to utilize this opportunity and get the forms from the Assessment Circles by producing the connected documents. Further, it is informed that this date will not be extended further under any circumstances.

Sd./- C. Chandramouli,

Additional Chief Secretary/

Commissioner of Commercial Taxes