Body TRADE CIRCULAR NO. 04/2017 Memo. No. 646 CT/PRO 3C/PRO/2012 Date: 09.06.2017

Subject: Uploading of Post-Assessment Refund details by the Dealers

As announced by the Hon' Finance Minister in his Budget Speech for 2017-18, Post-Assessment Refunds which remain pending till date shall be disposed off within December, 2017. To expedite the disposals, Commercial Tax Directorate has deployed an online application in the Dealers' Profile where the dealers can submit information about post-assessment refund cases pending till date.

The required link is

The Dealers should provide the Act, Accounting Year, Assessment Case Number, Date of Order and Refund Amount. If the refund amount had been modified by any order of Appellate Authority, the Appeal/Revision/Review Case No., the name of the authority, order date and modified amount is also to be given. The details of Bank Account where refund is to be credited shall also be provided.

After submission of the information, the dealer should take a print out of the acknowledgement and submit it before the respective assessing authority along with the order(s) reference of which is given in the submitted information.

The dealer should complete the process latest by 31st July, 2017 to avail the opportunity of getting refund by December, 2017.

Sd/ 09/06/2017

(Smaraki Mahapatra)


Commercial Taxes,W.B.