The Chhattisgarh Value Added Tax Rules, 2006. - FORMS


[See rule 25(1)]

Notice under section 19(5) (a) of the Chhattisgarh Value Added Tax Act, 2005


(Name) ........................................

(Address) ----------------------------

TIN ----------------------------------------

Whereas I have reason to believe that the particulars given by you in your return (s) for the period _____________ to________________ are not correct in so far as they relate to the application of the correct rate of tax/*the calculation of the tax and*/or interest payable*/claim of deduction in respect of _______________ */claim of input tax rebate.

Now, therefore, you are directed to appear in person or by person authorised by you in writing under sub-section (1) of section 24 being heard in this regard at _______________ (place) _______________ (time) on _____________ (date).

Seal Signed ______________________
Date _________________ (Designation) _________________

*Strike out whichever is not applicable.