The West Bengal State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments, Act, 1979

Body 6. Returns.-

(1) Every employer registered under this Act shall furnish to the prescribed authority a return in such form, for such periods and by such dates as may be prescribed showing therein the salaries and wages paid by him and the amount or tax deducted by him in respect thereof.

(2) Every registered employer required by sub-section (1) to furnish a return shall be liable to pay such late fee not exceeding rupees two hundred for each month or part thereof of delay in furnishing return, as may be prescribed, and pay, before furnishing such return, into a Government Treasury or the Reserve Bank of India the full amount of tax, interest and late fee, if any, due from him under this Act according to such return, and shall furnish along with such return a receipt from the Government Treasury or the Reserve Bank of India showing the payment of such amount:

Provided that a registered employer shall, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, pay in the prescribed the tax payable under this Act for any prescribed part of the period for which a return is required to be furnished under sub-section (1) by such date as may be prescribed after the expiry of the prescribed part of the period as aforesaid.

(2A) If any registered employer who has submitted a return under sub-section (1), discovers any omission or error which is apparent and honest in nature in the return furnished by him, he may furnish a revised return, unless notified otherwise, before the due date of submission of return for the next period, and if the revised return shows a greater amount of tax, late fee or interest to be payable than what was shown in the return submitted under sub-section (1), upon payment of the balance amount of tax, late fee or interest in the manner as referred to in subsection (2):

Provided that a revised return under this sub-section shall be furnished once only.

(3) Where an employer, without reasonable cause, fails to file such return within the prescribed time, the prescribed authority may, after giving him a reasonable, opportunity of being heard, impose upon him a penalty not exceeding rupees ten for each English calendar month of delay.