Form GST ARA -01

[See Rule 104(1) ]

Application Form for Advance Ruling

1. GSTIN Number, if any/ User-id  
2. Legal Name of Applicant  
3. Trade Name of Applicant (Optional)  
4. Status of the Applicant [registered / unregistered]  
5. Registered Address / Address provided while obtaining user id  
6. Correspondence address, if different from above  
7. Mobile No. [with STD/ISD code]  
8. Telephone No. [with STD/ISD code]  
9. Email address  
10. Jurisdictional Authority <<name, designation, address>>
11. i. Name of authorized representative Optional
ii. Mobile No.   iii. Email Address  


12. Nature of activity(s) (proposed / present) in respect of which advance ruling sought
  A. Category
  Factory / Manufacturing Wholesale Business Retail Business
  Warehouse/Deport Bonded Warehouse Service Provision
  Office/Sale Office Leasing Business Service Recipient
  EOU/ STP/ EHTP SEZ Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  Works Contract    
  B. Description (in brief) (Provision for file attachment also)
13. Issue/s on which advance ruling required (Tick whichever is applicable) :-
  (i) classification of goods and/or services or both ¢
  (ii) applicability of a notification issued under the provisions of the Act ¢
  (iii) determination of time and value of supply of goods or services or both ¢
  (iv) admissibility of input tax credit of tax paid or deemed to have been paid ¢
  (v) determination of the liability to pay tax on any goods or services or both ¢
  (vi) whether applicant is required to be registered under the Act ¢
  (vii) whether any particular thing done by the applicant with respect to any goods and/or services or both amounts to or results in a supply of goods and/or services or both, within the meaning of that term ¢
14. Question(s) on which advance ruling is required  
15. Statement of relevant facts having a bearing on the question(s) raised.  
16. Statement containing the applicant's interpretation of law and/or facts, as the case may be, in respect of the aforesaid question(s) (i.e. applicant's view point and submissions on issues on which the advance ruling is sought).  
17. I hereby declare that the question raised in the application is not (tick) -
  a. Already pending in any proceedings in the applicant's case under any of the provisions of the Act

b. Already decided in any proceedings in the applicant's case under any of the provisions of the Act

18. Payment details Challan Identification Number (CIN) - Date -


I,_____________ (name in full and in block letters), son/daughter/wife of__________do hereby solemnly declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief what is stated above and in the annexure(s), including the documents are correct. I am making this application in my capacity as____________ (designation) and that I am competent to make this application and verify it.

Place Name of Applicant/Authorized Signatory
Date Designation/Status